The Kombucha Club

Get kombucha delivered right to your door every second week and enjoy the health benefits of regularly drinking Prism Kombucha.

Easy monthly recurring payments are billed to your credit card.

Pick your favourite flavour and enjoy from the comfort and safety of your home.


Help us reduce packaging waste

A subscription for The Kombucha Club is the most environmentally friendly way to drink kombucha. All growlers are swapped out every week so they can be cleaned, sanitized and reused. This means you can enjoy kombucha without all the excessive packaging waste. 


Since the start of The Kombucha Club, over 500 growlers have been cleaned & reused! 


We offer 100% contactless deliveries. 

Our masked delivery driver will drop off your order, knock on the door, and distance themselves.

No signature required. 

Contactless deliveries

Frequently asked questions

When are deliveries made?

If you subscribe before Midnight on Wednesday, your first delivery will be Thursday evening of that week. Please expect your delivery to arrive between 5 pm and 8 pm on Thursday.

What if nobody is home when you deliver?

Kombucha needs to be refrigerated. If you don't expect to be home during, or shortly after the scheduled delivery time, we ask that you leave a cooler on the doorstep.

Do you deliver outside Winnipeg?

At the moment, deliveries are only made within City of Winnipeg limits. Live outside of Winnipeg and want to join The Kombucha Club? Please fill out this form and we will contact you when deliveries are offered in your community.

Do you swap out growlers?

Yes. Subscriptions are for a growler swap. Please leave your rinsed growler on the doorstep every Thursday so we can exchange it for a full one. Not quite done your growler yet or forgot to leave it on the doorstep? No worries, just leave it out on your following delivery date.

Can I change flavour for my subscription growler?

Yes. Once a subscription is purchased, a Prism Kombucha employee will contact you by phone or email to ask your flavour preference. You can change your flavour any time by emailing us. Unless otherwise requested by email to before midnight on Wednesdays, we will deliver your originally requested flavour. Choose from any of the following 4 flavours: Boreal Blueberry, Prairie Wildflower, Cranberry Spice and Chicory Chai.

Are deliveries contactless?

Yes, all deliveries are contactless. Our masked delivery person will drop off your order, knock on the door and distance themselves. Please wait until the delivery person is safely distanced before greeting them at the door. No signatures are required.

Can I buy a subscription as a Christmas gift?

Yes, absolutely. Proceed with a subscription purchase today. Once you've entered your information and processed the first payment, you'll receive an email with our Member Information Form. On the member information form, you'll be able to specify it's a gift, pick the first delivery date and enter your mailing address so we can send you a welcome card that can be wrapped or gifted. Please note your payments will not coincide with delivery dates (Ex: If you purchase a 6 month subscription now, you will start payments right away but your deliveries will be postponed. We will still bill you every month starting on the date you subscribed.)

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