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Ventes Wholesale

Livraison hebdomadaire partout à Winnipeg. Livraisons partout au Manitoba disponibles sur demande.

Rejoignez le mouvement grandissant, vendez Prism Kombucha dans votre magasin, restaurant ou boutique. Nos 5 saveurs sont disponibles toute l'année dans des canettes de 355 ml ou des kegs de 18,9 l. 


Licenses & Accreditations


Provincially inspected

Our production facility undergoes inspections by the provincial government to ensure compliance with safety regulations and maintain the highest standards of food quality and hygiene.


Federally licensed

We are licensed under the Safe Foods for Canadians Act with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, ensuring the production and distribution of safe and high-quality food products to consumers across Canada.

3rd party approved

Annual NSF third-party supplier assurance  audit certificate for our Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) plan. We are  committed to delivering the highest standards of food safety in every can of kombucha we produce.


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