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Nutritional Facts

We believe in transparency and empowering our customers to make informed choices about their health. By providing detailed nutritional facts for our diverse array of kombucha flavors, we aim to promote wellness and ensure that you can confidently enjoy a delicious beverage that aligns with your dietary preferences and needs.

Pomegranate Mist

Pomegranate Mist badge (flavour moment)-01.png
Pomegranate Mist.png

Ginger Lemonade

Ginger Lemonade Illustration.png
Ginger Lemonade.png

Boreal Blueberry

Boreal_Prism Illustration.png
Boreal Blueberry.png

Mango Passion

Mango passion badge (flavour moment)-01.png
Mango Passion.png

Peach Mojito

7311 STL_Prisim_Kombucha_PeachMojito_CAN_ARTWORK-01.png
Peach Mojito.png

Prairie Wildflower

Prairie_Prism Illustration.png
Nutritional facts Prairie Wildflower kombucha sugar alcohol calories content

About our alcohol Content

Alcohol is naturally produced during tea's fermentation process. All Prism Kombucha batches are tested for alcohol content before packaging and contain under 1% ABV (alcohol by volume).  

 For optimal health and safety, we recommend consulting with your healthcare provider if you have any concerns about consuming kombucha, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or have any underlying health conditions. Your doctor can provide personalized guidance to ensure that kombucha is a suitable addition to your wellness routine.

About our Sugar

At Prism Kombucha, we're all about keeping it real. That's why we stick to using only certified organic cane sugar and say no to artificial sweeteners. Sugar is an essential part of the fermentation process, and we use as little as needed to ensure a healthy fermentation and provide a healthy beverage. 

We're not afraid to embrace the sweetness of real sugar – because we know that when enjoyed in moderation, it can be part of a balanced diet. So, when you crack open a bottle of our brew, you're getting nothing but pure, wholesome goodness that's as refreshing as it is naturally sweet.

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