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  • When are deliveries made?
    Deliveries are every Thursday. Orders must be placed before 2pm on Thursdays. Please expect your delivery to arrive between 5 pm and 8 pm on your selected delivery day.
  • What if nobody is home when you deliver?
    Kombucha needs to be refrigerated. Leaving your kombucha at uncontrolled temperatures for extended durations of time can result in altered taste and development of more alcohol. If you don't expect to be home during, or shortly after your scheduled delivery time, we ask that you leave a cooler on the doorstep. Bottles will only be left unatended, at the purchaser's risk, if specified in delivery instructions. All missed deliveries will be rescheduled for the next regular delivery day.
  • Do you deliver outside Winnipeg?
    Deliveries are only made within City of Winnipeg limits.
  • Do you accept returns of bottles or growlers?
    If you wish to return and exchange your growler, please purchase the "Growler swap" product in our store and leave your clean growler on your doostep.
  • Do you accept returns of non Prism growlers?
    No, we only accept returns of Prism Kombucha growlers.
  • Are deliveries contactless?
    Yes, all deliveries are contactless. Our delivery person will drop off your order, knock on the door and distance themselves. No signatures are required.
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