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All our flavours are made using ethically sourced teas and wild foraged herbs from Canada's boreal forest

Boreal Blueberry Bottle Mockup.png

Boreal Blueberry

What grows together belongs together.

Boreal Blueberry contains is made using Organic Assam Sonipur black tea and is blended with wild-foraged wintergreen, lemon balm, sweet grass, sageLabrador tea, and raspberry leaf tea.


The secret to this perfectly balanced sweet-tart kombucha is the Canadian wild blueberries which gives this flavour its vibrant blue hue, and complex, sweet taste. 

Boreal Blueberry is a great stand-alone drink or addition to any non-alcoholic cocktail.

Prairie Wildflower Prism Kombucha Bottle

Prairie Wildflower

Fresh & floral, prairie inspired.

Our Prairie Wildflower Kombucha is brewed using
a special blend of Japanese green and Nepalese white tea.

It is blended with 100% organic ingredients including chamomile, elderflower, elderberries, rose petals, wild-foraged raspberry leaf, sweet grass, and sweet clover harvested in rural Northern Manitoba.  

This natural flavour doesn't contain any juices, concentrates or added flavours. Everything you taste comes from steeped tea, plants and herbs. 


This floral & fresh brew is light and crisp. It's a great substitute for a dry rosé, or prosecco in a mimosa.

Chicory Chai Bottle Mockup.png

Chicory Chai

Ground yourself with our signature chai blend.

Our Chicory Chai Kombucha is brewed using Organic Assam Sonipur black tea and provides warmth from spices like orange peel, coriander, cloves and cinnamon.

It's blended with a combination of roots from licorice, dandelion and burdock.

The result is an earthy and spicy kombucha that warms your body and spirit. 

Cranberry Spice

Spicy, scrumptious warmth. 

Our warm & spicy Cranberry Spice kombucha is made from a mix of Organic Pai Mu Tan White Tea and Roiboos Chai Tea

This sweet-savoury treat warms the mouth and soul with its full-bodied allspice, fennel, and elderberry blend. 

This full-bodied and balanced flavour is just the right balance of sweetness, tartness and spicyness.

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