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Our core flavours are born in the wild. They blend together tea from around the world with ethically sourced Canadian wild-foraged ingredients. 

Mango Passion

Fruity & Tropical

Our most juicy flavour yet! Explodes on the scene with gusto, this sweet, frangrant, and tropical bevvy will make all the passerby do a double take to your hands on the beach. 

Boasting a lovely tea base made with green, black, and oolong tea, this flavour also sports hints of tasty wild-foraged ingredients such as elderflower and lemon verbena. 

Mango Passion.png
Pomegranate Mist.png

Pomegranate Mist

Bright & Sweet 

Unleash a Burst of Exquisite Flavor! Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of juicy pomegranates with every sip. Delicately infused with the essence of this antioxidant-rich fruit, our Pomegranate Mist Kombucha offers a delightful harmony of sweet and tangy notes that dance on your palate. 

With each can, you'll embark on a journey of pure delight, enjoying the nourishing benefits of our probiotic-rich kombucha and the captivating essence of pomegranate. 

Strawberry Rhubarb

Tart & Sweet 

Strawberry rhubarb is back as a new permanent flavour! This tart & sweet kombucha is made with organic green and oolong teas blended with wild-foraged elderflower and sweetgrass.


Just like grandma’s pie, it’s a perfect balance of the sweetness of strawberries and the tartness of rhubarb. Best enjoyed on a warm summer morning, after a visit to the local u-pick!

Strawberry Rhubarb.png

Peach Mojito

Peach Mojito.png

Juicy & Bright

This juicy and vivid new flavour is made with a green tea and blended with wild-foraged mint, elderflower and sweetgrass.


Inspired by a mojito, it’s extra peachy, with a hint of mint and lime. This kombucha is the perfect beach or cottage companion for the upcoming summer!

Ginger Lemonade

Zesty, refreshing, and spicy. 

Our newest flavour is Ginger Lemonade. A delightfully fresh and punchy mix of Fresh pressed ginger juice and wild-foraged lemon Verbena. 


The tea base is a balanced mix of Green and Black teas, giving it a hefty depth, while remaining perfectly approachable for any day of the year; blisteringly hot, or freezing cold. 

Ginger Lemonade Illustration.png
Ginger Lemonade Can Mockup.png

Boreal Blueberry

Boreal_Prism Illustration.png
Boreal Blueberry Can Mockup.png

What grows together belongs together.

Boreal Blueberry contains is made using Organic black tea and is blended with wild-foraged wintergreen, lemon balm, sweet grass, sage, Labrador tea, and raspberry leaf tea.


The secret to this perfectly balanced sweet-tart kombucha is the Canadian wild blueberries which gives this flavour its vibrant blue hue, and complex, sweet taste. 

Boreal Blueberry is a great stand-alone drink or addition to any non-alcoholic cocktail.

Prairie Wildflower

Fresh & floral, prairie inspired.

Our Prairie Wildflower Kombucha is brewed using
a special blend of green and white tea.

It is blended with 100% organic ingredients including chamomile, elderflower, elderberries, rose petals, wild-foraged raspberry leaf, sweet grass, and sweet clover harvested in rural Northern Manitoba.  

This natural flavour doesn't contain any juices, concentrates or added flavours. Everything you taste comes from steeped tea, plants and herbs. 


This floral & fresh brew is light and crisp. It's a great substitute for a dry rosé, or prosecco in a mimosa.

Prairie_Prism Illustration.png
Prairie Wildflower Can Mockup.png
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