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Prism Kombucha is brewed at Fort Whyte Farms in Winnipeg, Manitoba using ethically-sourced teas, wild-foraged plants, and hand-picked fruit from the Canadian Boreal forest. Our kombucha is raw, organic, and best of all: flavour-packed.


Not your average kombucha


Approachable, yet powerful

Prism's balanced and approachable flavours are enjoyed by everyone from first-timers to every-day drinkers. 


Our perfectly-balanced sweet-tartness is inviting, yet powerful enough to remain the lasting favourite brand of experienced drinkers.

Your beer-drinking friends will love it just as much as your kombucha-obsessed neighbour.

Good for you, good for our planet

We care about your health AND the health of our planet. Our ingredients are organic, ethically sourced, and brewed using 100% solar energy. 

Prism Kombucha contains bacteria that are beneficial to your body. Our brews are a rich source of probiotics that can improve immunity and mood.

Prism Kombucha is the perfect alternative to sugar-packed soda drinks and high alcohol beer. You can literally drink it all day, everyday...

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