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Slow & Authentic Fermentation

How are small craft kombucha producers different from international mass producers?

When it comes to making kombucha, faster is definitely not better. Fermentation is an art form that requires commitment, intent and lots of patience. This stands in contrast to today's inherently fast-paced, instant gratification lifestyle.

In an effort to cut costs and increase profits, some mass producers of kombucha have set aside traditional fermentation methods in favour of more industrial methods that include making kombucha from concentrate, using sweeteners or pasteurizing their drinks so they are shelf stable. While these newer methods can provide some convenience and affordability, they often compromise on quality and authenticity.

At Prism Kombucha, we've made a conscious decision to slow down the pace and commit to quality by using traditional, authentic fermentation methods. That means our batches are carefully crafted using premium ingredients and typically fermented for 12-21 days.

While this is definitely more time consuming, the result is a healthier, more sustainable AND better tasting kombucha.

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