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Brewing Success: Our Exciting Move into our new production space!

Greetings, kombucha enthusiasts! We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you – our kombucha company has officially settled into its new production space at 911 Dugald Rd, Unit 5 in Winnipeg! This strategic move marks a significant milestone in our journey, and we can't wait to tell you all about it.

Why the Move?

As our loyal customers know, our commitment to crafting high-quality kombucha has fueled our growth. To meet the ever-increasing demand and elevate our production capabilities, we made the strategic decision to relocate to a new, state-of-the-art facility. The new space at 911 Dugald Rd, Unit 5 provides us with the room we need to expand our operations, increase efficiency, and ultimately, bring you more of the kombucha you love.

Capacity Boost

One of the primary reasons behind this move is the substantial increase in our production capacity. The larger space allows us to install advanced brewing equipment, enabling us to produce more kombucha. This means more delicious flavors, more variety, and ultimately, more satisfaction for our customers. Your favorite kombucha will now be available in greater quantities, ensuring you never have to worry about missing out.

Enhanced Efficiency

In addition to increasing capacity, our new production center is designed to streamline our processes. The layout has been meticulously planned to optimize workflow, from brewing and fermentation to bottling and packaging. The result? A more efficient operation that allows us to meet orders promptly while maintaining the exceptional quality you've come to expect from our brand. This efficiency not only benefits us but also translates into better service for you – our valued customers.

Strategic Location

Our new home at 911 Dugald Rd, Unit 5 is more than just a production facility; it's a strategic hub for our expansion plans. Situated in the heart of Winnipeg, this location provides easy access to distribution networks, allowing us to seamlessly cater to our local customers and efficiently explore opportunities beyond provincial borders. We are excited about the potential to share our kombucha with even more enthusiasts across the country, spreading the goodness one can at a time.

Commitment to Quality and safety

While our surroundings may have changed, our unwavering commitment to producing the finest kombucha remains steadfast. Our new facility meets and exceeds all CFIA requirements and our Manufacturing practices, as well as our HACCP plan, is 3rd party inspected and approved. We've invested in better technology and maintained rigorous quality control measures to ensure that every can of kombucha that leaves our new production center meets the high standards that define our brand.

What's Next?

The move to 911 Dugald Rd, Unit 5 sets the stage for an exciting chapter in our journey. With increased capacity, enhanced efficiency, and a strategic location, we are poised for growth. We look forward to not only serving our existing customers better but also introducing our kombucha to new markets. Stay tuned for updates on new flavors, collaborations, and the latest developments from our expanded production center!

Thank you for being part of our kombucha family. Here's to a future filled with bubbly brews and continued growth!

Cheers, Prism Kombucha

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